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Leading People in a Courteous Culture training program

In today’s working environment, leaders are being asked to better balance the people and performance aspects of leadership. One on hand, leaders are asked to continuously find ways to improve performance, and on the other hand, leaders are expected to create respectful working environments that bring out the best in people. It is no longer acceptable to deliver results at any cost. This program develops the skills and mindset leaders need to successfully lead their teams in this new environment.


To develop the leadership skills critical for creating a Courteous-Culture that brings out the best in people and achieves excellent performance.


Who For




  • To provide an in-depth understanding of the organization's values, policies and procedures relative to relationships in the organization. 

  • To develop advanced skills for providing feedback.

  • To develop people leadership skills

Results Expected

For the Organization
  • Create courteous working-environments that bring out the best in people

  • Decrease the number and strength of issues relative to misconduct

  • Bring to life the values of the organization

  • Increase leadership effectiveness

  • Increase performance

For the Leader
  • Increase your confidence and effectiveness in leading people

  • Know how to manage the working environment of the team

  • Better handle situations relative to misconduct

  • Improve the performance of the team


4 days

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Review the Organization's Values and Culture
  • Review the organization’s values

  • Review the characteristics of the desired culture of the organization

How to Provide Feedback to Change People's Behavior
  • Review a model for managing behaviors and performance

  • How to provide recognition to reinforce desired behaviors

  • How to provide Improvement Feedback™ to change a behavior you would like changed

  • How to confront people without causing harm to the individual or to your relationship


How to Handle Misconduct
  • Understand the different forms and levels of misconduct

  • Review the organization’s policies and practices for dealing with misconduct

  • How to use the skills learned to stop misconduct in its early phase

  • How to resolve more complex situations of misconduct

Your Role in Improving the Working Environment​​
  • Understand how working environments are created and how they can be changed

  • Understand the need for a feedback rich environment and how to create it

  • Understand your role to help create the desired working environment

How to Use the Skills Learned to Improve Performance

  • How to use the performance management model to clarify expectations when needed

  • How to use the performance management model to increase the performance of the team

From Manager to Leader
  • Differences between a manager and a leader and how to become one

  • How to stop being a victim and start leading

How to Manage and Change the Working Environment
  • Understanding the relationship between the working environment and the performance of the team​

  • Understand how the working environment was created and how it can be changed

  • Understand the role of the leader in improving the working environment​​

Motivating People
  • Principles of motivation and how to be more motivating

  • Develop communication skills that will increase your ability to motivate people​


Performance Management
  • How to set challenging objectives that motivate team members to perform at their best

  • How to set expectations that reduce rework and increase performance levels

  • How to confront people without causing harm to the individual or to your relationship

  • How to provide feedback that motivates people to implement your suggestions

  • How to recognize people and inspire them to achieve excellent performance


  • How to use delegation to reduce your workload and better develop people

  • How to regain trust you may have lost with others while limiting your risk

Improving Results
  • How to discover and resolve problems that are hurting the performance of your team

  • Learn methods for continuously improving the team's performance​

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