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Is the culture of your organization motivating, does it bring out the best in people; is there a strong entrepreneurial spirit, clear direction, and effective teamwork? Winning organizations create high-performance cultures that allow them to better implement their business strategies in order to achieve higher levels of results. Having a high-performance culture is the key competitive advantage of any organization.

Leading organizations and implementing change training program


Leading Organizations


This program provides a methodology for creating a high-performance culture and how to lead an organization through cultural change.


  • Identify the key cultural characteristics critical for maximizing the results of your organization.

  • Learn principles of change management and how to change an organization’s culture.

  • Understand the role of top leaders in directing an organization through cultural change.

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For top leaders and members of the management team


2 days

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High-Performance Organization
  • The different layers of high performance and the sequence in which to develop them

  • Key components of a strategy for high-performance

  • How Culture facilitates the implementation of the Business Strategy

  • How to connect the Business and Cultural strategies to maximize results

High-Performance Culture
  • Identify key characteristics of a High-Performance Culture

  • How the Culture of the organization is created and how it can be changed

  • The basic steps for creating a High-Performance Culture

Change Management
  • How to identify the forms of resistance and how to overcome them

  • Key components of a robust Change Strategy

  • How to measure the progress and effectiveness of a change project

  • The structure, systems, and support needed to implement CulturalChange

  • The different roles of leaders in the transformation process

  • The steps of CulturalChange

  • The Importance of timing, sequence, and momentum in the transformation process

  • How to spread buy-in and engagement through the leadership and the workforce

  • Best practices for leading organizations and people through CulturalChange

  • Best practices for leading people through their personal change

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