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Leading Organizations training program

Are the employees of your organization motivated and engaged to provide the discretionary performance required to maximize results. Is the working environment challenging, fun, and does it bring out the best in people? High-performance organizations create cultures that allow employees to better implement the business strategy to maximize results. Having a high-performance culture is a key competitive advantage of any organization.


Leading Organizations


To develop an in-depth understanding of high-performance and how to create a high-performance organization that is motivating, agile, and achieves excellent results.

Core Characteristics of High-Performance Organizations

  • Culture of excellence that delivers outstanding results

  • Working environments that are challenging, fun, and bring out the potential in people

  • Leaders who can motivate and empower people to achieve excellent performance

Usages of the Program

The understanding developed in this program can be used to:

  • Fine-tune the culture of the organization and improve results obtained

  • Create a strategy to develop a high-performance organization

Who For

Management team


  • 1 day as a stand-alone training program

  • 2 days when used in a workshop to set up a project to create a high-performance organization

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How we use this program

We integrate this program in a 2-day workshop at the begining of a project designed to create a High-Performance Organization. It develops the understanding critical for creating the change strategy, designing the support systems, creating the measurement tool, and assigning roles and responsibilities for transforming the organization into a high-performance organization.


Learn from the Success and Failures of Others
  • Learn how companies unleashed the potential of motivated and engaged employees

  • Learn how companies improved their results by evolving their culture

  • Learn the process companies used to create a high-performance organization

How to Maximize Results by Changing the Culture
  • How culture can facilitate the implementation of the business strategy to improve results

  • How culture and leadership style influence the performance of employees

  • How to combine a high-performance culture with company values to maximize results

Key Characteristics of High-Performance
  • The different layers of high performance and the sequence in which to develop them

  • High-performance systems and how to build them

  • Leadership characteristics that facilitate high performance and how to develop them

How to Develop a High-Performance Organization
  • Steps for creating a high-performance culture and organization

  • How the current culture can facilitate or inhibit high-performance

  • How to spread buy in and engagement from leaders to employees

Setting Up Your High-Performance Effort
  • How to set up a project to create a high-performance culture and organization

  • How to measure a high-performance culture

  • Support structures and systems critical for creating a high-performance culture

​​​Principles of Cultural Change
  • How to overcome resistance to developing a high-performance organization

  • How to create and manage a positive energy for change

  • How to build momentum to fuel performance improvement

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