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ement Training Program

The power of a change effort is mostly determined by the level of buy-in, motivation, and engagement of employees. Engaging employees is the last component needed to create an environment of change which can be used to change the culture and improve results. It is common that we see a sudden and dramatic improvement in performance right after the Employee Engagement Programs; we call this phenomenon the “pop”.


To develop the understanding, skills and motivation employees need to effectively engage in the cultural change effort.


Who For

All employees


Results Expected

  For the Organization
  • Create a strong environment for change

  • Accelerate the improvement in performance obtained by the teams

  • Increase the organization’s capacity to implement change

  • Develop the buy-in and motivation employees need to fully participate in the change effort

  • Increase the effectiveness of communication throughout the organization

  • Increase the momentum of the change effort with increased motivation

  • Create a working environment that is more challenging, fun and satisfying to work in

  For the Team Member
  • Obtain a clear understanding of the desired culture and the steps to create it

  • Understand the role each person plays in the change effort

  • Acquire simple and practical skills to help implement the new culture


When to Use

The Employee Engagement programs are delivered once the leaders have been trained and the leadership structure and systems are in place. 

Program Design

This is a customized program. We provide a template for the program and then support the organization in customizing the modules to fit their change objectives.

Internal Delivery

The Employee Engagement Programs are usually delivered by the top leaders of the organization who are setting an example in implementing the desired changes. In these cases, we provide these leaders with the coaching and support needed to effectively deliver the programs.​


1 day

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How we use this program in a cultural-change projects

Once we have developed the organization’s leadership effectiveness and have created an environment of change, we use this program to fully engage employees in the cultural-change effort. We deliver this program in waves to facilitate the spreading of engagement. Immediately after the programs we normally experience a significant jump in results; we call this the “pop” in results.

This program is part of our Pulscipline™ Cultural Change System.


Review the Change Strategy

Participants are presented with a clear vision of the desired culture the details of their change strategy, of the role they play, what is expected of them and what support they can expect to receive.

Define “Point B”

Participants are presented with a description of the critical elements that need to be changed. Participants then help define the behaviors needed to both make the desired changes and to achieve the desired culture.

Develop Skills

The program develops the mindset and practical skills employees can use the next day to participate in the change effort and begin improving performance.

Q&A Session with Top Leaders

The interaction with the top leaders provides participants with an opportunity to ask critical questions and to determine the real commitment and alignment of the top team to the change effort.

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