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HR Strategic Partner for Cultural Change Training Program

HR managers play a strategic role in setting up and managing cultural-change efforts. They provide the management team with strategic advice critical for designing a balanced cultural-change strategy and for setting up a robust cultural-change system. They also help guide the organization through the transformation process and provide leaders with support and coaching throughout the journey. 


To provide HR managers with an understanding of the models, methods, and best practices of cultural-change critical for being an effective strategic partner in setting up and implementing cultural-change in their organizations.

Who For

For HR directors, HR managers, and those who provide strategic support in cultural-change efforts



  • Identify the different forms of support HR should provide

  • Clarify the role & responsibilities of HR managers in cultural change

  • Review a proven method for cultural change

  • Learn how to guide the organization through change

  • Learn how to overcome resistance to change

  • Learn how to align leaders and engage employees

  • Review best practices for leading people through change


Results Expected


  For the Participant
  • Increase your confidence and impact in supporting a cultural change effort

  • Provide top management with effective support throughout the cultural-change process

  • Provide key leaders with better coaching throughout the transformation process

  • Create a cultural-change network with other HR strategic-partners for cultural change


  For the Organization
  • Receive better support from the HR function

  • Reduce the time and resources needed to implement cultural change

  • Increase the probability of success of the cultural-change effort


Development Methodology

This program weaves case studies, models, and exercises to create an interactive environment that builds on the experiences of participants. We will use case studies to learn from the success and failures of others and provide realistic situations for the exercises of the program. Participants will work in teams to use their experiences and newly acquired understanding to resolve the situations presented. 


1 day

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are so confident in the quality of this program that we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with this program, we’ll refund the tuition paid.

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About the program

This program was developed from our 30-years’ experience in providing management teams with strategic support in creating their cultural-change strategies and leading their organizations through cultural change. During those projects, we also had to coach hundreds of HR managers on how to improve the effectiveness of the support they provide. This program is based on that experience and on the Pulscipline™ Cultural-Change-System which has a 100% success rate in implementing cultural change in large organizations.


  Key Models & Concepts
  • Measurement system for cultural change

  • Inhibitors of change

  • Success factors for cultural change

  • Key differences between cultural change, change management, and project mgmt.

  • Phases and steps for implementing cultural change

  • ​Components of a cultural-change strategy

  • Platform and support systems for implementing cultural change

  • Roles and responsibilities of leaders and employees in cultural-change efforts

  • Methods for accelerating the transformation process

  • How success in one project can lead to failure in the next

Supporting the Transformation
  • How to support the management team in the transformation process

  • How to overcome the first wall of resistance

  • How to identify and remove inhibitors throughout the transformation

  • How to use your measurement tool to guide the transformation process

  • How to sequence actions to not overload leaders throughout the transformation

  • How to coach leaders through the transformation process

  • How to spread buy-in, engagement, and ownership

Setting Up the Cultural-Change Effort
  • How to create the tool to measure the culture and the progress made

  • How to prepare the management team and organization for cultural change

  • How to create a cultural-change strategy that is complete and well balanced

  • How to create the implementation plan

  • How to build the support systems critical for supporting people through change

  • How to develop the leadership skills needed for implementing cultural change

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