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BlueLeader™ MODEL

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BlueLeaders motivate and empower people to achieve excellent performance.

How We Develop Leadership Competence

The competencies we develop are organized in a hierarchy of complexity and developed in a sequence that simplifies the mastering of complex skills. Participants discover the power of the models by immediately putting them into practice; we call this “Derived Learning”. As participants develop more skills there comes a moment when they will suddenly see a new picture of leadership. In one instant it will become clear how each skill acquired is not just a piece of the puzzle, but an integral part of a more complex model of leadership that they can easily apply to increase their leadership effectiveness.

We develop

sustainable improvements in leader effectiveness

How We Develop a “Sense” of Leadership

Our programs do not just teach models and skills of leadership, but focus on developing participants’ “sense” of leadership. We accomplish this through an in-depth development of specific leadership skills. We help participants see the impact they have on others through subtle changes in their leadership behavior. We guide them down a path of experimentation and discovery that heightens their sense of leadership critical for effectively coaching others, analyzing situations, and determining how to resolve difficult leadership situations.

How We Develop Leader Mindset

An individual’s mindset predetermines their behavior. People who are looking to increase their leadership effectiveness almost always need to evolve their leadership mindset. But to change a mindset, we must first be able to see it, understand how it functions, and want to change it. Changing mindset is an individual journey that requires a process of discovery. We guide participants down a path made up of 360-degree feedback, training, and coaching that allows participants to discover their leadership model and “see” the mindset behind it and identify adaptations needed to become the leader they would like to be and achieve the results they desire.

Our BlueLeader™ Model

Develop the Essence of Leadership

We broke leadership down to its essence and focused on developing the essential mindset and skills critical for leadership effectiveness. The concepts that make up our BlueLeader™ model are not new, but they are organized and developed in a way that allows people to see leadership in new perspective, obtain a deeper understanding of themselves as leaders, and know what they need to implement to become the leader they always wanted to be.

Result Oriented

Our leadership training programs develop practical skills that obtain sustainable improvement in the leadership effectiveness of individuals and organizations. Whenever possible, we monitor the improvement in results obtained

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Achieve Sustainable Improvement

The simplicity of the concepts, depth of the insights, and development methodology used in our leadership training-programs result in sustainable improvement in participants' ability to:

  • Motivate and empower people to achieve excellent performance

  • Create working environments that are challenging, fun, and bring out the best in people

  • Continuously improve performance

 Practical & Simple

The leadership models and methods taught in our leadership training programs are practical, simple, and can be implemented back in the organization the next day.

Leadership Training Programs

There are 3 basic roles of leaders in an organization; the director, the middle manager, and the team leader. Each role requires a specific set of leadership skills and a different mindset. We have grouped the key concepts and skills of the BlueLeader™ model into three core-programs that focus on developing the essential skills for each leadership role.

How BlueLeader™ is Used

The BlueLeader models and methods are used to develop the leadership effectiveness of organizations and leaders.

BleuLeader ™

  • To improve performance

  • To improve the quality of their leadership

  • To increase competitive advantage

  • To create high-performance cultures

  • To increase organizational agility

  • To support cultural-change efforts

  • To facilitate business changes

  • To heal the wounds after a downsizing or merger

How LEADERS use 

Positive People.jpg
  • To transform from a manager to a leader

  • To increase their leadership effectiveness

  • To acquire the skills for a new leadership role

  • To better motivate and empower people

  • To develop high-performance working-environments

  • To improve the performance of the people they lead

  • To better coach their people

  • To better lead their teams through change

What BlueLeaders™ Achieve

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  • Motivate people to achieve excellence

  • Create high-performance teams

  • Create working environments that bring out the best in people

  • Develop a mindset for change

  • Lead their people through change

  • Obtain excellent results

Difference Between BlueLeaders™ and Managers

Characteristics of BlueLeaders™ (examples)

Characteristics of Excellent Leaders video
Video: BlueLeaders Respect People
Video: BlueLeaders trust others
Video: BlueLeaders do not over direct
Video: BlueLeaders confront others
Video: BlueLeaders celebrate success
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