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Art & Science of Cultural Change Training Program

Implementing cultural-change requires a balance between the human and technical aspects of change. The change strategy, support structure, and project set-up must have a strong technical foundation. Yet the success of most change efforts is determined by the human components of change, such as: peoples’ resistance, buy-in, motivation, and engagement. This requires an artistic ability to deal with the emotions and inhibitors associated to all cultural-change efforts based on an in-depth understanding of both the human and technical sides of change.


This program develops an in-depth understanding of the human and technical aspects of cultural change critical for building robust change strategies, project structures, and effectively leading people and organizations through cultural change.

Results Expected​​

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of cultural change

  • Significantly increase the probability of success of your next change project

  • Better handle people’s natural resistance to change

  • Spend less time and resources firefighting when implementing your change project

  • Better identify and remove inhibitors throughout the change process

This Program can be Used to

  • Design a tool to measure the progress and success of your cultural-change project

  • Create a change strategy that handles both the human and technical sides of change

  • Design a platform that can support leaders in implementing your change strategy

  • Design a roadmap that can handle the "unexpected" inhibitors of change

Who For

  • For decision makers responsible for designing the change strategy and project structure

  • For top managers who will lead their organization, function or department through change

  • For Change Agents and HR Strategic Partners

  • For those interested in acquiring a solid background in cultural-change


When to Use

  • Before the management team creates the change strategy and project structure

  • To prepare top leaders for leading their organization or function through change

  • As a fundamental training for all Change Agents

  • As a basic training in change management


  • Custom Program: 1-2 days depending on how the organization would like to use the program

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Leading a Change Effort
  • Differences between change management, project management, and cultural change

  • Imperatives for implementing change

  • Roles and responsibilities of different levels of leaders in managing change


Change Strategy
  • Critical components of a change strategy

  • How culture can facilitate and inhibit change – the need to manage culture

  • Critical components needed to support the change effort


Inhibitors and Resistors of Change
  • Different forms of resistance and ways to overcome them

  • Common traps, blind spots and derailment factors and review ways to avoid them

  • How to overcome the initial wall of resistance

Steps for Implementing Change
  • Basic steps and sequence for implementing change

  • How to manage motivation and momentum throughout the transformation process

  • Methods to accelerate the change process


Managing the Transformation Process
  • Critical practices for managing people through change

  • How to  build momentum continuously – ways to create and manage it

  • How to measure the progress made


Leading People Through Change
  • How to obtain buy-in to a change effort

  • Role of coaching in the transformation process

  • How habits can facilitate or resist a change effort - how to manage habits

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