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Consulting company specialized in cultural change, leadership development, and high-performance.


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What we do:

  • Develop leaders who can motivate and empower people to achieve excellent performance.
  • Improve the results organizations obtain by developing cultures that bring out the best in people and that can better implement the organizations’ business strategies.
  • We lead organizations through cultural change.


Our Mission

Management Consulting Firm is a consulting company specialized in cultural change, leadership development, and high performance. It was founded in 1991 as Jacques Fischer Evolution and transformed into AG in 2011.

to make this a better world to work in

Our Focus​

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Develop leaders who can;
  • Motivate and empower people to achieve excellent performance

  • Develop working environments that bring out the best in people

  • Improve results obtained

  • Lead people, teams, and organizations through cultural change

​Develop cultures that can;
  • Bring out the best in people

  • Motivate and engage employees

  • Better achieve the organization's business strategy​​​​

​Lead companies through Cultural Change to;
  • Create the culture they desire

  • Strengthen competitive advantage and increase agility

  • Improve performance


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Commitment to the Customer

We are committed to providing our customers with the most effective consulting and training services available and continuously setting new standards of excellence in our field. satisfaction guarantee
Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of the services we provide that we offer a satisfaction guarantee; if for any reason a client is not satisfied with a service we delivered, we will not invoice that service.



Jacques is a passionate leader who has dedicated his professional life to developing leaders and helping organizations maximize performance by creating working environments that bring out the best in people. 

As a leader and student of leadership, Jacques quickly noticed the relationship between leadership effectiveness, the working environment, and performance. Good leaders would create working environments that achieved high performance, and bad leaders would create working environments that achieved poor performance. Yet more importantly, he noted that quality working environments not only stimulated high-performance, but they also created working environments in which employees were more engaged, motivated, and proud to work for the organization. As the quality of work life for team members went up, so did performance. 

Seeing the win-win relationship between the working environment and the performance of the organization, at the age of 26, Jacques set out on a mission to “make this a better world to work in”. To achieve this he would focus on two things; 1) developing leaders who could create quality working-environments, and 2) helping organizations create high-performance cultures that bring out the best in people.​




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Led over 35 companies through cultural change
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Led cultural change projects in multiple countries and languages
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Coached 250+ top leaders through their organization's change
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Coached thousands of leaders to develop their effectiveness
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Created the Blue-Leader™model
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Created the Pulscipline™ system for implementing cultural change


Cultural Change Method
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We developed the Pulscipline™ system for implementing change. Pulscipline™ has a 100% success rate in achieving clients change objectives when applied as a complete integrated system. It obtains sustainable improvement in the leadership, culture and performance of the organization.

Leadership Development
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BlueLeader™ is a network of simple and practical elements that can be combined to improve specific leadership skills, develop an aspect of a persons’ leadership style or improve the leadership effectiveness of the organization.  Our programs develop the mindset and skills needed to achieve sustainable improvement. The BlueLeader™ model has been used in service and manufacturing organizations to develop leadership effectiveness, facilitate cultural change, and improve the performance of the organization.


 We have been pioneering cultural change since 1991 Clients cultural change contexts
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