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Making this a better world to work in

CulturalChange is a consulting company specialized in cultural change, leadership development, and high performance. It was founded in 1991, is based in Switzerland and offers services worldwide.

At CulturalChange, we believe that an organization's culture and leadership are crucial to the success of the business. We help organizations develop the leadership effectiveness and culture that can significantly increase the results the organization obtains while improving the quality of life for their employees. Join us in making this a better world to work in. It’s a win-win situation.

At CulturalChange our mission is to make this a better world to work in.

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We accomplish this by

developing leaders who can motivate and empower people to achieve excellence, and by

​creating working-cultures that bring out the best in people and achieve oustanding results.

We develop leaders who can:

- motivate people to achieve excellence, - empower team members to utilize their potential, - create working environments that bring out the best in people, - create feedback-rich environments that improve performance, - set objectives that are challenging yet motivating, - create systems to improve organizational efficiency, - lead people, teams, and organizations through change, - continuously improve performance.

​We develop cultures that:

- bring out the best in people, - engage employees and increase pride in the organization, - lower absenteeism and reduce burnout, - increase the agility and efficiency of the organization, - strengthen the organization’s values and competitive advantage, - leverage inclusion and diversity, - can better implement the organization's business strategy, - achieve outstanding results.


We have mastered the art of developing leaders who are motivating, respectful, and challenging. Through intensive coaching, personalized feedback, workshops, and immersive experiences, our programs guide participants through a journey of self-reflection and personal development critical for making sustainable improvements in their leadership effectiveness.

We are dedicated to driving high-performance in organizations. We believe that the improvement in performance is the only true measurement of success for any cultural change or leadership development effort. Our services are designed to develop the mindset, tools, and performance metrics necessary to achieve high performance. Let us develop your leaders and engage your employes to help you create a high-performance organization.

At CulturalChange, we believe that developing the right culture is the key to unlocking the full potential of employees. With over 30 years of experience in creating cultures of excellence for organizations around the world, we offer customized solutions to help your business develop the culture you desire to achieve the business results you want. Our work is based on our Pulscipline™ Cultural-Change System which has a 100% success rate in achieving our clients cultural-change objectives.

Primary Services

Happy leaders

Leader-Development Services

  • Coach top leaders

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Organization-Development Services

  • Increase leadership effectiveness

  • Build BlueCultures™ (high-performance cultures)

  • Develop high-performance organizations

  • Lead organizations through cultural change

Commitment to the Customer

We are committed to providing our customers with the most effective consulting and training services available and continuously setting new standards of excellence in our field.

Our clients include

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What makes us different?

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100% success rate in cultural change

Our Pulscipline™ Cultural-Change System boasts a 100% success rate in creating the desired culture for our clients. It significantly improves the results they obtain.

Cultural Change projects pay for themselves

Our organizational development projects in cultural change, leadership development, and high performance all pay for themselves.  As a rule of thumb, the improvement in performance from the evolution of the culture is more than 10 times the cost of the project.

Effectiveness of our leadership development programs

The vast majority of participants of our leadership programs say it is the best leadership program that they have ever attended and highly recommend them to others.

Experience of our consultants

Our senior consultants are industry leaders who have successfully led their factory, site, or region through cultural change. satisfaction guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of our training programs and consulting services that we offer a satisfaction guarantee; if for any reason a customer is not satisfied with a service we delivered, we will not invoice that service.


 We have been pioneers of cultural change since 1991 Clients cultural change contexts

FOUNDER - Jacques Fischer

Jacques embodies the essence of a motivating and empowering leader, dedicating his career to developing leaders and cultivating organizational cultures that bring out the best in people and achieve outstanding results.


Driven by a profound understanding of leadership dynamics, Jacques astutely recognizes the interdependency between effective leadership, the working culture, and performance outcomes. In his research, he observed that excellent leaders create working cultures conducive to peak performance, while ineffective leaders breed mediocrity. Yet, Jacques goes beyond mere observation; he understands the profound impact of quality working cultures. Not only do they catalyze outstanding performance, but they also nurture a sense of engagement, motivation, and pride among employees. Jacques firmly believes that as the quality of work life improves, so does overall performance, creating a virtuous cycle of success.

Seeing the win-win relationship between the working environment and the performance of the organization, at the age of 26, Jacques set out on a mission to “make this a better world to work in”. To achieve this he focuses on two things; 1) developing leaders who could create quality working-environments, and 2) helping organizations create high-performance cultures that bring out the best in people.​

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