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One of the best measures of leadership effectiveness is one’s ability to motivate others to provide the extra effort that achieves excellent performance. This program develops the foundation needed to transform a Manager into a Leader and shows how to create a high-performance working environment.

Leading people and managing performance training program


This program develops the skills needed to motive and empower people, manage performance, create feedback rich environments, and achieve excellent results.


Results Expected

  • Increase the level of performance of the people you work with

  • Increase the results of your team (free up resources, reduce waste, and increase focus)

  • Create a working environment that is challenging, fun, and brings out the best in people

  • Increase the motivation and engagement of the people you lead

  • Develop your “sense” of leadership and confidence in resolving people problems

  • Develop the mindset and skills to transform from a manager to a leader


Who For

For leaders at all levels; the point of view, examples, and methodologies are adapted to the level of the participants.

Development Method

This program weaves the presentation of models, skill building, 360-degree feedback, and coaching to develop practical leadership skills. At the end of the program, each participant has a 1-2-1 coaching session with a program coach to fine-tune their personal development plan.


4 days

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Motivating People
  • Principles of motivation and how to be more motivating

  • Communication skills that will increase your ability to motivate people​

From Manager to Leader
  • Differences between a manager and a leader and how to become one


Performance Management
  • How to set challenging objectives that motivate team members

  • How to set expectations that reduce rework and increase performance levels

  • How to confront people without causing harm to the individual or to your relationship

  • How to provide feedback that motivates people to implement your suggestions

  • How to recognize people and inspire them to achieve excellent performance

  • Develop skills to increase your coaching effectiveness

  • How to use delegation to reduce your workload and better develop people

  • How to regain trust you may have lost with others, with methods that limit your risk


Obtaining Results
  • How to discover and resolve problems that are hurting the performance of your team

  • How to continuously improve performance

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