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Directing organizations through cultural change training program

Directing an organization through cultural change is one of the most challenging tasks any leader can undertake. It requires additional skills than those used to implement organization-wide technical-changes or manage large projects.  Cultural change requires mastery in subjects such as: changing people’s behavior, overcoming resistance, motivating people, managing momentum, developing leadership effectiveness, and developing strategies and change systems that correctly balance the technical and human aspects of change.


To provide the understanding and tools top leaders need to develop a robust cultural-change strategy and successfully direct their organizations through cultural-change.


Who For

Top leaders and others responsible for setting up and supporting a cultural change effort


Results Expected

This program develops the understanding needed to:

  • Create a robust cultural-change strategy and roadmap

  • Build the structure and systems needed to implement the change

  • Create the measurement tool and system critical for guiding the transformation process

  • Direct and support the cultural transformation process


  • 1 day

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Learning from the Success and Failures of Others
  • Review successes and failures of other organizations 

  • Common traps, blind spots, and derailment factors of cultural-change projects

  • Imperatives and best practices for implementing cultural change

Directing the Cultural-Transformation Process
  • Role and responsibilities of the management team in directing change

  • Role and responsibilities of team leaders in implementing the desired changes

  • How to engage employees in the cultural-transformation effort

Managing the Energy of Change
  • How to create and manage a positive energy for cultural change

  • How to  spread buy-in and engagement from leaders to employees

  • How to build momentum throughout the cultural-transformation process

Overcoming the Inhibitors of Change
  • How to overcome the resistance of leaders and employees

  • 6 types of inhibitors of cultural change and how to overcome them

  • How to overcome the initial wall of resistance

  • How to identify and eliminate inhibitors throughout the transformation process


Particularities of Cultural Change
  • Differences between cultural change, change management, and project management

  • The relationship between culture, leadership style,  and behavior of employees

  • How the current culture can facilitate and inhibit cultural change

  • How people's habits can resist change- how to change people's habits

​Fine-Tuning the Cultural-Change Strategy
  • Elements missing in most cultural-change strategies and the problems it causes

  • How to merge the culture and business strategies to achieve desired results

  • Principles of sequence and timing critical for creating a robust roadmap

  • Steps for implementing cultural change

Structure and Systems for Change
  • Support structures and systems critical for implementing cultural change

  • Leadership skills and systems needed to implement cultural change

Measurement System
  • Key elements to include in the measurement system

  • How to create a measurement tool and system to ensure buy-in

  • How to use the measurement tool to guide the transformation process

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