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Cultural Change for Executives Training Program

It is said that 80% of cultural-change efforts fail to achieve their objectives. This is surprising considering cultural-change strategies are developed by seasoned executives who are experts in restructuring an organization and implementing very complex projects. Clearly, there is something different about cultural change. Success is mostly determined by an organization’s effectiveness in handling the human side of change, such as overcoming resistance, obtaining buy-in, aligning leaders, engaging employees, and changing people's behaviors. It is critical to know how to transform cultural change objectives into a cultural change strategy, support structure, and systems that can effectively support the organization in implementing the desired changes.



To provide executives with an in-depth understanding of the human and technical side of cultural change critical for setting up and managing a global cultural-change effort.


Who For

For executives and others responsible for setting up the global cultural-change effort

Different Usages of this Program

The understanding from this program can be used to:

  • Set up a global cultural-change effort

  • Assess the risks and weaknesses of a cultural-change project before implementation

  • Identify adaptations to a current cultural-change effort that is not progressing as planned

Results Expected

  • Increase the probability of success of your cultural-change effort

  • Decrease the time and resources needed to implement the change

  • Design a more robust cultural-change strategy and support structure

  • Design a measurement tool that can guide the transformation process

  • Create a strategy and methodology to identify and remove inhibitors

  • Develop an engagement strategy for sites, leaders, and employees

  • Better manage the cultural-change process

  • Identify critical support for site leaders, site directors, and team leaders


  • 1 day if delivered as a stand-alone training program

  • 2 days if delivered as part of a workshop to set up a global cultural-change effort

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How we use the program

We integrate this training program into a 2-day workshop when we are setting up a global cultural-change effort. This program develops the  understanding needed to then set up the global cultural-change strategy, structure, and systems.

This program is part of our Pulscipline™ Cultural-Change System


Learn From the Mistakes of Others
  • Learn from the mistakes and successes of others through case studies

  • Common “blind spots” and elements missing in most cultural-change strategies

  • Imperatives for cultural change

Basic Understanding of CULTURAL CHANGE
  • Differences between cultural change, change management and project management

  • How culture can improve the results obtained

  • Review a process for restoring a positive environment after demotivating changes

Removing Inhibitors of Change
  • Review the 6 forms of Inhibitors (resistance and derailment factors)

  • Identify probable inhibitors casued by the headquarters, culture, and leadership style

  • Review a methodology for identifying and removing inhibitors

Measurement Tool
  • How to create a global measurement-tool and system

  • How sites should adapt the global measurement tool to their specific situations

  • How to monitor the progress of the different sites

Global Cultural-Change Strategy
  • Review the Roles & Responsibilities for the different levels of leaders

  • Key components of the change strategy and project structure

  • Review the steps of cultural change and how to create a global and local roadmaps

Site Cultural-Change Strategies
  • How the sites should transform the global strategy into a site cultural-change strategy

  • Understand what must be similar and different in the sites’ cultural-change strategies

  • How to overcome the initial wall of resistance when starting the transformation

Global Support Systems
  • Identify the skills that need to be develop and who should receive the training

  • Understand how the global support team can support the different sites

  • Identify the support site leaders will need throughout the transformation process

Managing the Cultural Change
  • Review guidelines for leading and supporting the implementation process

  • How to spread the buy-in and engagement throughout the organization and sites

  • How to leverage the success of some sites to provide extra support to other sites

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