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Overcoming the inhibitors for change training program

The ability to identify and remove inhibitors is the key success factor of any change effort. Some inhibitors can be anticipated and planned for, others can not. Once the transformation process begins, resistance will start popping up everywhere; from places expected, from places suspected and from places never even thought of. Each step forward will uncover a new set of inhibitors, often forcing management to shift its focus from leading the change to putting out the fires. No change project should begin without first identifying potential inhibitors and developing a robust strategy and system that can quickly identify and remove inhibitors throughout the transformation process.


To develop an in-depth understanding of the inhibitors of change and present a methodology to identify and remove them throughout the change process.

Results Expected

  • Increase the probability of success of your change project

  • Design a more robust change strategy, project structure, and realistic roadmap

  • Set up a change project that can better handle the resistances associated with change

  • Identify and remove inhibitors quicker and with less effort

  • Reduce the amount of firefighting needed in the transformation process


Who For

  • Top leaders responsible for directing and supporting the change effort

  • Leaders who will design the change strategy, support structure, and implementation plan

  • Leaders who will lead their function, department, or team through change

  • Anyone who would like to understand why change management projects fail

When to Use

  • Before designing the change strategy, support structure, and implementation plan

  • As basic training in change management​

Using the Program in a Change Effort

When this training program is used as part of a change project, it is inserted into a workshop to help identify potential inhibitors and design the Inhibitors Strategy. 


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Forms of Inhibitors
  • 5 groups of inhibitors and their characteristics

  • Imperatives for implementing change – why most change efforts fail

  • Difference between project management and change management

  • Common errors, traps and blind spots of change management projects

How Inhibitors Work
  • Different ways in which people resist change and how to overcome them

  • Hidden inhibitors behind the resistance to behavioral change

  • How the organization’s culture will resist change and how to change the culture

  • How inhibitors combine forces and work together to resist change

Inhibitors Strategy
  • Role of the inhibitors strategy in a change management effort

  • Relationship between the inhibitors strategy, change strategy, and implementation plan

  • How to create the inhibitors strategy

  • Systems needed to identify inhibitors throughout the transformation process

How to Identify and Remove Inhibitors
  • How to identify potential inhibitors in your change effort before the project begins

  • How to overcome people’s natural resistance to change

  • How to overcome the initial wall of resistance

  • How to discover and remove inhibitors throughout the transformation process

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