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Leading Leaders Program

Middle-level leaders play a critical role in aligning the organization, enabling high-performance, and sustaining results. They are the link between the organization’s strategy and the achievement of the strategy. It is the role of the middle-level leader to build the structure needed to implement the organization’s strategy and to lead the leaders in implementing the strategy. The lack of understanding of the role of the middle-level leader often results in many of them focusing on the wrong thing; on micro managing their departments or even doing the work of their direct reports. 


To develop the mindset and skills middle-level leaders need to lead leaders and fulfill their role in aligning the organization, managing performance systems, and improving results.

Results Expected

  • Better lead and develop the leaders reporting to you

  • Increase your understanding and effectiveness in leading a multi-layered organization

  • Develop a more focused and aligned organization

  • Achieve and sustain higher levels of performance

  • Move the ownership of performance to lower levels of the organization


Who For

For middle-level leaders


3 days

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How we use this program

We use this program when improving the leadership effectiveness of an organization. In those efforts, the program contents are separated by subject and delivered just in time for the development of a particular system or aspect of leadership.

This program is part of our Pulscipline™ Cultural-Change System.


Role of the Middle-Level Leader​
  • The role of the middle-leader in implementing the organization’s strategy

  • Identifying the structures and systems needed to support the strategy

  • How to communicate the strategy for obtaining buy-in

  • Review critical responsibilities of the middle-level leader

Leading Leaders
  • The difference between leading leaders and leading team members

  • How to align the different layers of leaders in your department or function

  • How to spread buy-in, engagement, and ownership in your leadership and department

  • The importance of ownership and how to obtain it

Enabling High Performance and Sustaining Results
  • Review the characteristics of high-performance

  • Review systems that enable high-performance

    • Direction-Setting systems

    • Continuous Improvement systems

    • Energy systems

  • How to build and manage structures and systems of high-performance

  • How to sustain high-performance

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