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Achieving sustainable improvement in leadership effectiveness

We broke leadership down to its essence to identify the fundamental skills and mindset that have the greatest impact on leadership effectiveness. Most of the concepts that make up our BlueLeader™ model are not new, but they are organized and taught in a way that achieves sustainable improvement in leadership effectiveness for individuals and organizations.

A practical and simple model that achieves sustainable improvement in leadership effectiveness in individuals and organizations.

We have 3 core programs that develop the leadership and change management skills critical for the

3 main roles and levels of leaders.

We have state-of-the-art methodologies for developing the leadership effectiveness of both

individuals and organizations.


Develop the Essence of Leadership

We broke leadership down to its essence and focus on developing the essential mindset and skills critical for leadership effectiveness. The concepts that make up our Blue-Leader™ model are not new, but they are organized and developed in a way that allows people to see leadership in new perspective, obtain a deeper understanding of themselves as leaders, and know what they need to implement to become the leader they always wanted to be.

Result Oriented

Our leadership programs are not soft and fluffy, they develop practical skills critical for motivating and empowering people to achieve excellent performance. The only true measure of the success of our leadership work is in the sustainable improvement in  the performance of the organization.

Achieve Sustainable Improvement

The simplicity of the concepts, depth of the insights, and development methodology used in our leadership training-programs result in sustainable improvement in participants' ability to:

  • Motivate and empower people to achieve excellent performance

  • Create working environments that are challenging, fun, and bring out the best in people

  • Continuously improve performance

 Practical & Simple

The leadership models and methods taught in our leadership development programs are practical, simple, and can be implemented back in the organization the next day.

3 Core Training Programs

There are 3 basic roles of leaders in an organization; the director, the middle manager, and the team leader. Each role requires a different mindset and specific set of leadership skills. We have grouped the key concepts and skills of the Blue-Leader model into three core-programs that focus on developing the essential skills for each leadership role.


Our Blue-Leader model is made up of a network of essential competencies that can be used to:
  • improve leadership effectiveness

  • improve performance

  • increase capability in change management

  • facilitate organizational change

Leaders Create the Culture

The culture of an organization is created by its leaders and can only be changed by them. The success of every cultural-change effort depends on the effectiveness of the organization's leaders.

Need for Leadership Development in Cultural Change

Once the change strategy is developed, the cultural-change effort shifts its focus to building the leadership capability of the organization. The first step is to develop the leaders ability to guide their teams through change; the second step is to build the leadership structures critical for supporting the team leaders in implementing the change. Having a strong leadership base creates the foundation upon which the employees can be engaged and the culture can be changed.

Leadership Skills Required in Cultural Change

Leading people and organizations through cultural-change requires mastery of a different set of skills than required to manage day-to-day operations.

Cultural-change requires skills such as:

  • How to motivate and empower people to do things differently

  • How to coach people through behavioral change

  • How to obtain and spread buy-in to the change project

  • How to spread the engagement throughout the team and organization

  • How to overcome peoples' resistance to change

  • How to identify and remove inhibitors that are blocking the change project

  • How to create and manage momentum throughout the transformation process

Our Blue-Leader™ Model Supports Cultural Change Projects

Our Blue-Leader™ model is designed to support cultural-change efforts. It develops the special skills, structure, and leadership systems for leading people and organizations through cultural change. 



We are so confident in the quality of our training programs and consulting services that we offer a satisfaction guarantee; if for any reason you are not satisfied with a service we delivered, we will not invoice that service.