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Cultural Change for Mergers and Downsizing training program

One of the key success factors of a merger Is the ability of the organization to create a culture that can be accepted by both sides and facilitates the achievement of the planned synergies. Unfortunately mergers and acquisitions are accompanied by downsizing and restructuring efforts which can cause further damage to the culture. This program reviews the specific issues related to mergers and downsizing and presents a proven methodology for creating a healthy culture that aligns employees and brings out the best in people.


To provide a methodology for healing the wounds and establishing a new culture after a merger or downsizing.


  • A customized version of this program is used in the beginning of cultural-change efforts implemented after a merger or downsizing. The program weaves presentations, analysis of the organization's situation, and workshops to guide the management team in creating the strategy and support structure needed to achieve their cultural-change objectives.

  • A generic version of this program can be used to develop an understanding from a cultural point of view of the particular problems caused by mergers and downsizing efforts and how to transform a demotivating working environment into a healthy culture.

Who For

The top team and key stakeholders


Results Expected

  • Develop a healthy team-spirit and teamwork

  • Determine a process for creating a positive environment after a demotivating change

  • Identify the key characteristics of the desired culture

  • Acquire the understanding needed to create a robust change strategy

  • Identify critical elements of the support platform



  • Review state-of-the-art practices for creating or strengthening the cultural change

  • Learn from the success and failures of others through examples and case studies

  • Develop understanding and skills through the application of practical exercises (wherever possible, the exercise should guide the team in doing the real thing


2 days

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Visualizing the New Culture

Once the business change strategy is created, it is critical to understand how the culture will facilitate and inhibit the implementation of the business strategy.

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of the current culture

  • Identify desired key characteristics of the future culture

  • Identify needed adaptations in the current culture – determine cultural change objectives

Develop Change Management / Leadership Skills
  • Reinforce targeted leadership attributes (based on the desired culture)

  • Review best practices for leading cultural-change​ in a demotivated environment


Analyzing the Inhibitors of Change
  • Identify the probable inhibitors of change and identify corrective measures

  • Review the “change imperatives” for the top team

  • Determine guidelines for setting up and leading a cultural-change effort

How to Adapt the Culture

The key to evolving an organization’s culture is in designing a step-by-step method that can be easily managed.

  • Review the basic steps for cultural change

  • Identify probable human resistors and derailment factors and ways to overcome them

  • Determine how to restore a positive environment after a restructuring or downsizing effort​​


Supporting a Cultural Change Effort

The change strategy may be developed by the top team, but the implementation of the strategy lead by the middle and first level leaders. It is critical to offer them the structure and support to implement the change.

  • Identify critical elements of the support structure

  • Create a system to identify and eliminate inhibitors throughout the transformation process

  • Design a tool to monitor the progress made

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