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Cultural Change for Project Managers training program

This program focuses on how to manage the human side of a project. Even in projects where the emphasis is on implementing technical changes, once the human resistors of change become active, they can take control over the flow of a project, increasing the time and budget required to achieve the objectives. This program reviews the inhibitors and resistors of change and presents ways to overcome them. The methods and tools presented complement the standard project management toolbox.


To provide a structured model and practical methods project managers can use to simplify the task of managing the human side of a project.


Who For

For project managers, project directors, project portfolio managers, and program managers


  • Present state-of-the-art models and methods of the human side of change

  • Learn from the successes and failures of others through abundant examples

  • Discuss subjects of change management from a project management perspective

  • Share ideas with project managers from other organizations

Results Expected

  • Improve the effectiveness of current projects by applying the tools learned

  • Set up projects that can better handle the “human” problems inherent in change

  • Increase your effectiveness in handling human issues related to change

  • Improve efficiency in role execution


1 day

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Project Set-up
  • Differences between project management and change management

  • Systems critical for managing the “human” side of change

  • Structure and systems to support the human side of projects


Balancing the “Technical” and “Human” Side of the Project Strategy
  • Human components often missing in the project strategy

  • Extra responsibilities of different stakeholders during a change effort

  • How the culture and leadership influence the human side of a project

Human Inhibitors and Enablers of Change
  • Inhibitors and resistors of change and ways to overcome them

  • How to avoid common traps and blind spots in implementing change

  • Human imperatives for successfully implementing change


Process of Change
  • Stages and steps for implementing change

  • How to obtain buy-in and get the project off the ground

  • Methods to accelerate the transformation process

Managing People Through the Transformation
  • Key indicators to focus on in the transformation process

  • How to create and use a measurement system to guide the “human” change process

  • Common issues in leading people through change and ways to deal with them

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