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This program develops the skills and mindset critical for handling inappropriate behavior in the workplace. Interestingly, most of the skills needed to resolve problems of misconduct are the same skills needed to achieve high performance. For this reason, the program develops the targeted skills while interweaving the concepts of “handling inappropriate behavior” and “improving performance”. This helps create a positive training environment in which issues of misconduct can be discussed and skills developed. It also allows participants to continue practicing their skills after the current issues of misconduct are resolved and a healthy working environment is created.



To develop the skills and mindset employees need to stop situations of misconduct quickly, before they grow into bigger problems for the individuals and organization. 


Who For

  • All employees (team members & leaders)



  • To develop the skills needed to address situations of misconduct when they are still small

  • To provide an in-depth understanding of the organization's values

  • To understand the policies and procedures relative to misconduct in the organization 

  • To develop skills for providing feedback and managing behavior

  • To learn how to confront unacceptable behavior

Results Expected

  • Bring to life the values of the organization

  • Decrease the number and strength of issues relative to misconduct

  • Create a feedback-rich working-environment

  • Create a foundation for high-performance​



2 day

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Review the Organization's Values and Culture
  • Review the organization’s values

  • Review the characteristics of the desired culture of the organization

How to Provide Feedback to Change People's Behavior
  • Review a model for managing behaviors and performance

  • How to provide recognition to reinforce desired behaviors

  • How to provide Improvement Feedback™ to change a behavior you would like changed

  • How to confront people without causing harm to the individual or to your relationship


How to Handle Misconduct
  • Understand the different forms and levels of misconduct

  • Review the organization’s policies and practices for dealing with misconduct

  • How to use the skills learned to stop misconduct in its early phase

How to resolve more complex situations of misconduct

Your Role in Improving the Working Environment​​
  • Understand how working environments are created and how they can be changed

  • Understand the need for a feedback rich environment and how to create it

  • Understand your role to help create the desired working environment

How to Use the Skills Learned to Improve Performance

  • How to use the performance management model to clarify expectations when needed

  • How to use the performance management model to increase the performance of the team

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