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The business change strategy may be developed by the top leaders of the organization, yet it is implemented by the management teams of the local sites. It is essential to offer a change strategy and global platform that can provide the guidance and support local leaders need to implement the desired changes.


Our Global Change Strategy workshops develop the foundation organizations need to design the global change strategy, support structure and implementation plan for a cultural change effort that will be implemented at multiple sites.



  • To fine-tune the Global Cultural-Change-Strategy

  • To present state-of-the-art models and methods for implementing cultural change​

  • To review the basic steps for implementing cultural change

  • To present best practices for managing the implementations of a global change effort

Who For

The global management team


Needed Outcomes

  • Increase the effectiveness of the management team in leading a global change effort

  • Identify probable resistances of change and determine methods for eliminating them

  • Develop a global change strategy that balances business and cultural aspects of change

  • Determine practical methods for achieving the cultural change objectives

  • Develop a system to monitor “human” factors of change and implementation effectiveness

  • Develop a global platform that can effectively support the local implementation efforts

  • Determine leadership guidelines for supporting local management and leading the change

  • Increase awareness of the team’s strengths and improvement areas in leading change



This workshop is customized to meet the specific needs of the client



Review key concepts and learn from the successes and failures of others through examples and case studies. Heighten the understanding through exercises. Wherever possible, the exercises should guide the team in doing the real thing. Where this is not possible, the management team will provide the information a change architect needs to fine-tune the change strategy, support platform and implementation plan to be validated by the team at a later time. The discussions relative to leading change are based on questions asked in the 360-degree feedback. If desired, follow-up coaching can be provided to support the top managers in leading the global implementation project.


Models of Change Management
  • Review the “change imperatives” for leading organizations and people through change

  • Review methods and tools for adapting an organization’s culture

  • Review the steps for implementing change

  • How to overcome resistors and common derailment factors of change efforts


Cultural Change Objectives
  • Understand how the culture and leadership can facilitate and inhibit change

  • Fine-tune cultural change objectives and determine methods to achieve them

  • Identify needed adaptations in the culture to facilitate the business change objectives

  • Determine a basic process for restoring a positive environment after a demotivating change

Inhibitors Strategy
  • Identify probable resistors and derailment factors that influence the top management team

  • Determine the method, sequence, and timing to overcome identified inhibitors


Support Systems
  • Design the systems needed to achieve the behavioral changes required

  • Design the platform to support the local leaders in implementing the change


Leadership Agenda
  • Review key leadership attributes – based on 360-degree feedback

  • Determine guidelines to lead the cultural change and support the implementation process

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