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Blue-Leaders™ Confront Unacceptable Performance


Blue-Leaders™ always CONFRONT UNACCEPTABLE PERFORMANCE. This is a critical skill for coaching people, identifying problems, clarifying expectations, and achieving high performance. Confronting is a skill all leaders should master and one that most need to improve. If you do not confront an unacceptable performance, it becomes acceptable and the overall performance level goes down. This video is a segment of our Leading People program.


00:10 - Confronting is a skill most leaders want to improve

00:29 - Blue-Leaders™ always confront unacceptable performance

01:05 - Impact of unacceptable performance on overall results

01:30 - Advantages of confronting unacceptable performance

01:50 - Consequences of not confronting poor performance

02:28 - Why most people are scared of confronting others

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